‘Visit Serbia’ campaign

This Friday, our city Cacak, was one of the hosts of this beautiful promo campaign that organised Tourism Organisation of Serbia as the way of motivating people to spend, at least, part of their holiday in some Serbian travel destination.


This year’s campaign says: ”See Serbia, perfect holiday is right behind the corner”. While visiting four cities over no more than a month, the organizers have prepared rich offer of what’s best in Serbia. Every region has something unique and using short movies, speeches, cuisine and traditional music of that region, they are trying to intrigue potential tourists enough to get active and visit any city, village or natural sight such as mountains, lakes etc.


Exhibitioners from around 20 places around Serbia came to show why we should visit them. They offered different promo material and gave needed information. I was helping at the site where city of Vrsac had been situated.


This is a great way to include young people, as volunteers from tourism school and other young activists participated in this event. It feels great to see so many people interested in such campaigns and tourism in Serbia as well.

19441070_1729556873739481_615117215_n (1)

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