My very first blog post!

Hello everyone! My name is Andrea and I live in a beautiful country called Serbia which is placed in Balkan. Never heard of it or you know very little about it? Nothing strange. Considering the fact that tourism industry is not on the highest level as it could be or the fact that Serbs are not very proud of all the perfect scenery that this country is overwhelmed with, it’s not a surprise that foreigners know nothing about its general facts, let alone travel opportunities. Which brings me to several purposes of setting up this blog:

  1. Promoting Serbia as a rich travel destinationdownload

Okay, let’s face it. Whining about not having a developed country (in any way) is fine until some point. But has it ever done any good in long terms? I don’t think so. Therefore, we should get up and do something about it. Internet is nowadays a very powerful weapon when it comes to promoting things, so here I am, making the slightest difference for a better tomorrow. Serbia has lots to offer and I will try to get it close to all of you lovely readers. You can find the official website of National Tourism Organisation of Serbia here:

2. Travel diary

Who doesn’t like traveling? I think there’s no such person. But not everyone experience trips and voyages in the same way. You could say some are born with the burning need of visiting places, exploring cultures and meeting new people, mostly locals and other travelers (don’t make me say wanderlust ugh!). For me, traveling gives a higher purpose to my life. It’s not just visiting famous places so you can click a few selfies, eat in McDonald’s and then get home and talk about what you saw. Nope. It’s the excitement of planning a trip, exploring well known and some hidden spots, experiencing daily life just like locals do, trying traditional meals that define one nation, and collecting memories that will last a life time. Here, I will write about places that I’ve visited that completely amazed me and also show some cute pics!


3. Tourism industry in the eye of a tourism student

Obviously, I’m not an expert, but I must say I’m on a good way of becoming one (at least I’m trying). I am currently junior year in a specialized high school for future tourism workers. Here I will focus on what’s like to study about this wonderful business and also on some contemporary topics in tourism. This blog will give me the opportunity to comment on different subjects and give my personal opinion as well as other people’s way of thinking that I agree with.


ID 43505401 © Alexoakenman

4. Youth activism

One of the things I’m also interested in is activism of young people. Weather it’s about ecology, human rights or some ‘less’ important issues, it always feels good to contribute to your society, learn some new things along with having fun!



You may ask yourself why I’m writing in English when it obviously isn’t my mother tongue? Simple, English is the most used language in the world, and lots of people speak it fluently. Most of Serbs, my age or older, also speak English very well so it should’t be a problem understanding me. Plus, as a bonus, I get to practice my writing skills and broaden the vocabulary.


To sum it up, I really hope I will interest you enough so you keep following and reading my posts, and also, I hope I will help you, mostly younger readers, about some questions you may have about all of the topics I listed above. Thanks! Here’s a pic of me so you have some kind of idea who’s writing these articles haha:


Note: I was deeply touched and inspired by the speech of Brazilian guy named Thiago Ferreira, who is now living in Serbia and working on promoting tourism, mostly among young people, making them love their country even more. He was also a trigger in my 4-months debate whether I should or shouldn’t start a blog, so thank you, Thiago! His enthusiasm, passion and devotion to what he believes in is contagious. You can find him and organisation he’s part of here: ,


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